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Chris stole my life savings and dropped me like a hot potato. I bought a franchise but that franchise is nonexistent!

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Kansas City, Kansas, United States #943556

I am a very happy Mr. Oil Saver franchisee and can tell you that Chris Daskalakis has done nothing wrong here.

Any complaints are coming from 3 Mr. Oil Saver Distributors out of the 20" distributors that are causing trouble because they wanted to circumvent Mr. Oil Saver and work directly with the machine supplier. Mr.

Oil saver is now filing law suit against them for circumventing them. They have no right to write what they write but greed is the #1 thing that is driving them and to hurt Chris's name.

I personally like Chris and he has NEVER treated me in any bad or deceptive way in over 3 years that I have known him and his family. As you probably have noticed, that the people posting these bad reviews are keeping their titles and names secret because they will be sued if they divulge their names.

to Joseph Richmond, Virginia, United States #944544

Haha. There is no more mr.

Oil saver!

Sue me Chris! are the one that stole my money!!

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #941058

They've done that to a lot of people. They are scam artists.

Their gig will be up soon. Don't invest a dime with these crooks. Nika/Mr. Fire Safety/Mr.

Oil Saver...all the same scam. If they stand behind these companies, then why do they keep changing the name?

Why isn't there a list of franchises? There ARE NONE LEFT.

Nika Oil - Good company and opportunity

Not resolved

This complaint is unfounded on here its form a franchisee who didn't want to pay I have worked with Chris and Pauline for over 2 years and never had an issue they run a strong business and a great opportunity, I am a single father and this business has given me great opportunities for income. I would recommend nika oil to anyone, i would also recommend speaking with Chris he is a wonderful and smart business man.

The Nika Oil opportunity is not easy meaning you don't buy one and become rich overnight, you buy one, work it and succeed. Again feel free t contact me too if you want my experiences.

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Nika Oil - The scamming duo are back at it renaming there businesses to steal more money.

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These guys are back at it renaming there businesses and selling them on Craigslist.

We are all here to stem off this scamming family from hurting others as has done with us......

Please please don't ever ever put your money in there hands... We all lost tens of thousands of dollars to them. Millions have been scammed from us.

Googgle him and his wife. Chris Daskalakis and Pauline Daskalakis..... you will see that they have a vast history of scamming others.

Look at all of the reviews here and what the state found.....

Monetary Loss: $45000.

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Florida, United States #943583

NikaUSA has nothing to do with Mr. Oil is a legitimate franchise with it's own FDD.

It has a lot more services than the single service of Mr.

Oil Saver. The people that posted these reviews are LIARS and GREEDY PEOPLE that just want to cause trouble to get out of their obligations.

As can been easily seen, the people posting bad reviews here are keeping their titles and names as anonymous because they will be sued if they divulge their names.

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